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to anyone obscure enough to remember big jelly dixon I salute you tenfold

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21 Things You Can’t Do While Black?

I just gotta ask: exactly how cowardly ARE all of these racist, armed White men?

Literally, from "dehumanizing stares" from a 14yr old teen 


to loud music, to seeking help after an accident, to walking towards someone or even just walking away from someone…racists and gun creeps™ (particularly in Florida) all seem to be trigger happy & afraid of their own damn shadows

Here is the racial makeup of the jury


I can almost guarantee you that the Black jurors are in a state of disbelief that they are having to fight tooth & nail to explain to the other jurors that, no, there really was no good reason for Michael Dunn’s drive by shooting and, no, loud music actually isn’t a life threatening situation. I really hope that they don’t tire out and give in like B-29 aka “Maddy” did

A hung jury will give the state a second shot at Dunn (although, twice now, in two Stand Your Ground cases, Angela Corey and her prosecution team have flatly refused to openly address what’s at the very heart of this case: abject racism. Dancing around Dunn’s proven hatred of Black people is beyond problematic. It’s infuriatingly frustrating, and it may cause a miscarriage of justice just as it did in the Zimmerman trial…but avoiding attacking Dunn as a racist is actually no different—at all—than how waayyy too many non-Black Americans tend to treat racism IRL: by not talking about it and pretending it isn’t at play. I’m no lawyer, but if Angela Corey and the state of Florida can prosecute & imprison Marissa Alexander for firing a warning shot into a wall without actually injuring anyone, then they also could have charged Michael Dunn with a hate crime)

Existing while Black should not be a legally sanctioned reason to be murdered in cold blood and this needs to stop 

I hope Jordan Davis and his family get the justice they all deserve 

Closing thought: don’t avoid jury duty

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Behind every great man is a woman with blood on her hands.
House of Cards Season 2Now StreamingOnly on Netflix


Behind every great man is a woman with blood on her hands.

House of Cards Season 2
Now Streaming
Only on Netflix

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An assortment of pictures from the life and times of Kevin Durant

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Below is a link to my latest essay for This Recording. It’s the essay sort of about George Fitzgerald that I mentioned in this post from last week. It took me a long time to complete this one. It was difficult to get out that editorial/sensationalist mindset that has driven a large part of my writing for the past year with WBEZ. I hope that you like it!

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We are told to believe in the grind and when we finally wake up from that fever dream of things to do, we realize it is too late. All around you is a world that has moved on.

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On Muhammad Ali’s 72nd birthday, LIFE presents photos of Ali, Frazier and the ‘fight of the century.’

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